What is infant massage?

Infant Massage is an ancient tradition of providing nurturing touch as a way of communicating and bonding with baby.  Massage can help foster mutual trust and understanding between caregiver and child.

What supplies do I need?

All you need is a blanket or towel for your baby to lie on, necessary baby items, diapers, wipes etc. and your baby.  We will provide oil, and learning materials.  We will be seated on the floor, if desired you may bring a pillow or towel for you to sit comfortably.

Who will be massaging my baby?

You will be massaging your child.  We will be demonstrating the strokes on a doll, helping you with specific techniques as needed.

Should I use oil to massage my baby?  Yes, the use of oil reduces friction on your child’s skin.  We use Kelapo Coconut Oil in all of our classes.  It’s important to choose an edible oil since babies hands often end up in their mouth.  Coconut oil is a healthy, natural alternative to traditional massage oils, or baby oil which is frequently petroleum based.

What age should my child be to start class?

Massage is perfect for any age, for this class we suggest between the ages of three weeks and six months.

Are your instructors certified?

All of our instructors are licensed by the Ohio Medical Board in Massage Therapy, and are Certified Infant Massage Instructors.

Can my husband, mother in law, sister attend?

We love to see dads in class, if dad can’t make it please limit attendance to one other adult.

I have older children, can siblings attend?

This is a time for you to completely focus on your new baby.  We ask that you make other arrangements for older children.

My baby was born prematurely, can we still take the class?

Massage has been proven very beneficial for premature infants.  Please contact us to discuss your child’s situation and address any questions you may have.

What if my baby has special needs?

If your baby is under a doctor’s care, we need permission from that physician.  Massage can be adapted to most medical conditions.  With your doctor’s written consent, we will be happy to customize a massage that works for your child’s needs.  Contact us to discuss your specific concerns.

Are gift certificates available?

Yes.  This makes a wonderful gift for new parents.