For Baby:

  • Bonding – Focused time together with caregiver, promoting secure attachment, self-esteem and respect.
  • Relaxation – Heightens sense of well being.  Produces oxytocin
  • Communication – Provides special time for communicating verbal and non-verbal cues.
  • Development – Awareness through loving touch and caring attention.  Aids in healthy weight gain.  Enhances neurological development.  Improves sleeping patterns.  Improves blood circulation, digestion and inner equilibrium.  Improves muscle tone.  Improves cardiac and respiratory output.
  • Stimulation – Skin-to-skin contact.  Aids in sensory awareness.  Interaction between caregiver and baby.
  • Fun – Special time between caregiver and baby, providing nurturing interaction as the baby grows.

For Caregiver and Family

  • Bonding – Focused time together with baby.  Reinforces eye-to-eye and skin to skin contact.  Caregivers become more attuned to their baby, giving parents the tools to understand their child’s unique rhythms.  Special time for siblings to take part in a bonding activity with baby.
  • Relaxation – Helps parents relax and unwind relieving stress and tension.  Promotes release of nurturing hormones.
  • Communications – Provides special time to learn verbal and non-verbal cues.  Enhances respect for child.
  • Social Interaction – Social time with other parents, communication and sharing advice.
  • Confidence – Helps parents feel more confident and competent in caring for their child.
  • Fun – Special time between caregiver and baby.